In all Fructis formulas, Superfruits are enriched with a shot of Fortifying Fruit actives, an innovative association of active ingredients with strenghtening properties that occur naturally in fruits which gives hair : shine and resistance

Vitamin B3 & B6

Chosen for its forifying properties, vitamin B3 is vital in helping cells produce energy. Vitamin B6, for its part, plays a role in the proper functioning of over 100 enzymes in the human body and is particularly important to protein metabolism and energy production. Both contribute to hair growth and help treating alopecia.

Fruit acids from sugar cane, lemon, apple and green tea

Source of AHA, or Alpha Hydroxy Acids, the fruit acids contained in the Fortifying Fruits Active Concentrate are obtained by fermenting sugar cane, green tea, apple and lemons. AHAs act to consolidate the internal structure of the hair.

Apple juice rich in fructose

The fructose in Fructis formulas comes from apple juice, which is then concentrated to increase the amounts of sugar. It is found in the category of carbohydrates that is an essential source of energy for living organisms. It helps nourish the hair.

Sugar cane extract

Source of AHA, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, the sugar cane extract contained in the Fortifying Fruits Active Concentrate acts to consolidate the internal structure of the hair.

Citric acid

From vegetal origin and obtained by a bio-technology process, Citric acid helps smooth hair and increases its mechanical strength.


  • 2 x stronger

  • 2x shiner

Cleaner Pack

The new bottle reflects the new Fructis : more efficient, mode with natural ingredients and driven by openness and honesty. Conveying the will to reduce our ecological footprint, the new bottle is made of 25% recycled plastic that is 100% recyclable and produced in a sustainable facility. Simple and modern, the New Fructis is committed to reduce and lessen the environmental impact of packaging.